Official medal count from PyeongChang 2018

PYEONGCHANG, Feb. 26,2018 /thetoptwo/

As the 23rd Winter Olympics comes to a close Norway has come out on top with a whopping 39 medals.

Medal count:

Norway: 39 medals

14-gold 14-silver 11-bronze

Germany: 31 medals

14-gold 10-silver 7-bronze

Canada: 29 medals

11-gold 8-silver 10-bronze

United States: 23 medals

9-gold 8-silver 6-bronze

Netherlands: 20 medals

8-gold 6-silver 6-bronze

South Korea: 17 medals

5-gold 8-silver 4-bronze

Olympic Athletes from Russia: 17 medals

2-gold 6-silver 9-bronze

Switzerland: 15 medals

5-gold 6-silver 4-bronze

France: 15 medals

5-gold 4-silver 6-bronze

Sweden: 14 medals

7-gold 6-silver 1-bronze

Austria: 14 medals

5-gold 3-silver 6-bronze

Japan: 13 medals

4-gold 5-silver 4-bronze

Italy: 10 medals

3-gold 5-silver 4-bronze

China: 9 medals

1 gold 6-silver 2-bronze

Czech Republic: 7 medals

2-gold 2-silver 3-bronze

Finland: 6 medals

1-gold 1-silver 4-bronze

Great Britain: 5 medals

1-gold 4-bronze

Belarus: 3 medals

2-gold 1-silver

Slovakia: 3 medals

1-gold 2-silver

Australia: 3 medals

2-silver 1-bronze

Poland: 2 medals

1-gold 1-bronze

Slovenia: 2 medals

1-silver 1-bronze

Spain: 2 medals


New Zealand: 2 medals


Hungary: 1 medal


Ukraine: 1 medal


Belgium: 1 medal


Kazakhstan: 1 medal


Latvia: 1 medal


Liechtenstein: 1 medal


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