Vancouver Company Etherparty Secures Top Blockchain Startups to Launch ICOs via Its New Crypto-Crowdfund Platform

VANCOUVER, Feb. 22, 2018 /Thetoptwo/ – Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc. is excited to announce its soon-to-launch crowdsale creator. The company enlisted its first group of startups for funding

“Etherparty’s ability to complete the technology and security components on a company’s Token Generation Event in just a matter of minutes is a breakthrough in blockchain technology,” said Etherparty CEO, Kevin Hobbs.

“So instead of a process that can take months to complete under the current landscape, companies can now focus on building and marketing their blockchain project more effectively and efficiently without having to worry about the complexities around token and crowdfunding smart contract development.”

Blockchain startups working with the Vanbex Group have formally signed on to use the Etherparty platform in order to launch their token and crowdfund projects, as early as this spring, when Etherparty’s flagship product hits the market.

Etherparty is a blockchain product working to enable a connected and inclusive world by building easy-to-use, versatile and intuitive smart contract solutions. The crowdfunding application is just the first in a long line of blockchain-based solutions to be deployed by the Vancouver-based company.

Etherparty features:

-A no coding required simple contract builder

– Support across multiple blockchain platforms

– Access to contract library & marketplace

-A fully responsive, mobile first desktop app

To learn more visit


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